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Google will Discontinue its '' URL shortening Service
Google URL shortener ( support is closed from March 30, 2018. After April 13, 2018 only
existing users will be ablw to short their link on console. Finally March 30, 2019 will be 
the last day for this service for anyone.

Any service which Google provides took no time to get famous and being most useful. A URL shortener service is one of them. Millions of links made short by the help of this tool every day. Much popular service cause of ease of use and access. Everyone has a Google account for their Email Id or for their Android. So no one needs to create an extra account or bother to remind one more id and password. But Google announces the worst announcement of this URL shortener service


Google is Closing its URL Shortener Service:

Yes, Google is now decided to shut it down and all its fans have to migrate somewhere else. As per google announcement:

 “Starting March 30,2018, we will be turning down support for URL shortener. 
From April 13, 2018 only existing users will be able to create short links on the console.
 You will be able to view your analytics data and download your short link information in csv 
format for up to one year, until March 30, 2019, when we will discontinue Previously 
created links will continue to redirect to their intended destination.”

As per announcement existing users can use this service until next March end. But it will take no more new registration after April 13, 2018. It means if you didn’t short any link through this console then you’ll unable to do so.

If is closed, then?

Google URL shortener was introduced in 2009 and after that, we have a plenty of other options too for the same. is shutting down not the Link shortening technology. Here are some alternative to Google URL shortener:


Bitly was introduced in 2008 in the industry and growing very rapidly. Introduction before Google Shortener took they to the new height. They start their operation from April 2010 but they got popular before their launch and got funded by $2M in March 2009. As like, Bitly is also very easy to use. Easy to short the links makes it the most suitable alternative for Google URL Shortener. You must check this out if you’re also planning to migrate for link shortening. There are some more alternatives, like TinyURL, by Hootsuit, and all. But they are not very well structured as Bitly.

Google Introduces Firebase Dynamic Links (FDL)

After the introduction of URL shortener in 2009 tech world changes very rapidly, and now its way ahead from a simple link shortening and redirection. After URL shortener “Deep Link” comes into existence.

First understand, what is Deep Link?

To understand the Deep Link is very easy. Every link is the deep link, it takes you to the product or content. Like, {} Is a deep link and {} is not a deep link. Deep links are mostly used for the e-Commerce websites. Theoretically, a Deep link should redirect you to the product page or content page. Very easy and neat in theory but many problems arises in its practical implementation. Practically it’s a headache. Because if someone already installed Amazon app on his phone, then too link will redirect him to the product page in the mobile browser. That link should be open in the App but No.

How Google Firebase eliminates these technical challenges?

Firebase will show one link to redirect to the product page but when user will click on the link. It will redirect him to the product page by a suitable medium. Like it will redirect users to Android app link if they are using Android App. Similarly to the iOS app if they are using Apple devices or to the Desktop if a user is on Desktop. In the later article, we will discuss it. How firebase also provide you the CDN service for that link and users can reach to the link in shortest time. No matter, wherever they are.

Conclusion on Google URL shortener (

So, it’s time to move on another Link shortener if you need to shorten the links for your twitter handle or marketing campaign. Otherwise, a very efficient solution for the e-commerce website is launched by Google “Google Firebase”. Are you using any link shortener service which is more efficient than or Bitly? Please do share with us.

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