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Will not "Oversell" ever
Before starting the discussion first we should clear the meaning of the term “Overselling”. In which aspect we use this term and what you are getting through this, could be different. So, first we should clear the definition of “Overselling” in terms of web hosting. After that, we can proceed the discussion on the same wavelength.

Let’s Define “Overselling

According to Wikipedia: Overselling or overbooking is the sale of a volatile good or service in excess of actual supply. Overselling is a common practice in the travel and hospitality sectors, in which it is expected that some people will cancel. The practice occurs as an intentional business strategy where sellers resources they are entitled to, or that some buyers will cancel. The practice of overselling aims to ensure that 100% of available supply will be used resulting in the maximum return on investment. However, if most customers do wish to purchase or use the sold commodity, it may leave some customers lacking a service they expected to receive. Yes, we will consider this definition as the base and will continue. There is some meaning of “Oversell” like according to businessdictionary.com “Oversell is a situation where a salesperson does not end the sales presentation even after the prospect has agreed to make a purchase. Overselling risks losing the sale by saying something the prospect doesn’t like.” In other terms, according to this definition too, overselling affect business and customer satisfaction adversely. By the way, forget this one and concentrate on the above Wikipedia definition.

Overselling” is good or bad?

Travel and Hospitality industry is far different from the hosting industry. They generally overbook than their capacity with enough cancellation expectation.(Although  very rare countries ban oversell or overbook you can say.) Overselling in hosting industry also can be seen in Hosting Industry. Let me share an advertisement banner with you of a hosting provider.

You must be wondering how they can sell at this cheap price, even may famous hosting provider especially Managed Hosting Providers spends more than this only on customer support per customer on average.

But how they can provide at this cost?

The answer is very simple, like travel and hospitality industry they oversell in business term. In technical term, they expect for major of customers to not use the given resources. Absolutely, if someone is using the total given resource than the other of the same server will get affected and unable to use the allowed resource. Have you wonder sometimes that why even a simple 5-page website behaves amazingly slow with your current hosting provider. Sometimes it runs well but sometimes very slow and never runs fast. (Obviously) Yes, you guess right you are sharing the server with 1000’s other and some or many of them are using the resources more than the provider was expected. Yes, they can offer you some amazing promises like Unlimited Bandwidth, Unlimited Space and some other like this. But they will restrict you in some other thing like CPU usage or inode limit etc.

How PressTemple standalone from “Overseller” crowd

PressTemple have been heavily invested in the server architecture, optimization, and monitoring. Here are some snippet of our servers condition during idle, busiest and free time. These pictures will clear the picture in your mind that how we give freedom to our customers here at PressTemple to use the resources what we promised without affecting the others performance matrix.

Server Architecture: PressTemple vs Shared Hosting

Actually Designing or architecture doesn’t really mean the only visualization of any product, tool or software. Designing contains all the technicalities like (in case of server architecture) sequence, request handling, space (should be more than required), required vs provided RAM and ultimately the performance is desired or not. PressTemple or any managed hosting provider always distribute server resources as they promised and imagine for the maximum load condition. Suppose if in any server is distributes for 5 websites, each of with 1 GB RAM it means Server must be of more than 5GB. So, then here your website will not get affected if other 4 sites are using the maximum and full resources of the allowed resources. But in case of shared hosting, all resources are just distributed between 1000’s of other websites and you’ll get approx. 128 Mb of RAM (less than 128 mb RAM can’t handle even a 2-page website properly). In 128 MB RAM, all the request will be handled, your WordPress application will run and all. No separate SQL or Apache will run for you. The single install will have to handle lakhs of a request for 100 of different websites. If the request for any website is making busy the web server and database then automatically your website will respond slowly.

Living with Criminal cause prison you too

Yes, you don’t know with whom you are sharing your server. Maybe anyone in 1000’s of websites is doing something wrong. Like they may be a porn, drug selling, movie piracy website or any kind or illegals stuff website. Than that IP could be blacklisted and your website reputation may harm. This is the responsibility of your hosting provider that they should monitor their every IP and website. And migrate the rest and good websites to the new or reputed IPs. But unfortunately they didn’t care about it even it a bit and you can’t do anything rather than switching your hosting provider.

I think, now its very clear to you that Why Managed Hosting Providers like “Presstemple” does not oversell ever. And this is also one of the major reason to be a bit costly than shared hosting. Now you can figure out, not only for speed and faster loading speed people move to Managed WordPress hosting. Here we will continuously keep updating you with the announcement and latest updates or news in the WordPress universe. So, don’t forget to subscribe our Blog. Do you want free hosting? Register here and you’ll get free managed WordPress hosting for a year.

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