Security Obsessive Architecture

Triple layer security getting 24x7 monitored by IT security specialist. You worth Most Secured WordPress website and you’ll get it.


DDOS attack is the concern nowadays to secure websites from these. PressTemple secure architecture is ready to make them ineffective.


Google loves the secure website for their safe and secure user experience. Secure websites always rank higher. So, Don’t lose your chance to rank higher.

Powerful DNS

Do not depend on the ordinary DNS for your website. A powerful and secured DNS can save your website from attackers and malware.

How we Provide “Secure WordPress Hosting

Most advanced security techniques and methods used by the PressTemple security experts to keep your digital property safe from bad eyes.

Technical Tweaking

PressTemple WordPress experts do some technical tweaking in the server side to keep your website safer.

Layered Security

Triple layer security with PressTemple will ensure your 8 hr. sleeping worry free. Trust Us!

Under Eyes Every Second

Monitor your site every second by security specialist and neutralize every unauthorized action.

Encrypted Security

Encrypted Security makes the site and their files more secure than ever. Offer free Let’s Encrypt certificate.

Server Architecture

Here we have the expertise, we can architect the server from foundation which is secure, fast, and reliable.

Daily Backup

You’ll don’t need to worry about backup of your WordPress. Let us do that for you.

Secure Your Brand’s online presence

For a brand, security is the top-most priority. Security breach not only hampers their sensitive information (if have any), but their reputation in the market also get affected very badly. PressTemple’s Secure WordPress hosting lets you live worry free from all these and have a pleasant and reliable online experience.

What about others…?

Most of the so-called top hosting providers have been hacked or failed to maintain their security. Here you can see some sources, which confirm their security breach news.

WP Engine Security Breach

MediaTemple WordPress Hack

GoDaddy, DreamHost & Network Solution Hacked

Bluehost's Site Hacked

SiteGround Security Hamper

Unbreakable PressTemple Security is important

Are you looking for your perfect and safest WordPress Hosting partner? PressTemple is the name, which you were looking for. Total security solution for WordPress, from a simple blog to a high-class brand and enterprises website.

Experience our Security

Security is something which can’t be expressed always in words. Neither we can explain our IT infrastructure nor you can explore about our security, only with the help of words.

Our existing customers are extremely happy with our services and sense of security which we provide them for their WordPress Websites. Again we invite you to become the part of PressTemple family and grow with us.

Security Analysis

A deep security analysis of your website by PressTemple IT experts.


Encryption is the smartest way to keep secure your data from bad eyes.

Secure Architecture

Security obsessive architecture provides the best layer and sense of security.

Tech tweak

We do every possible tech tweak with servers to keep your site safe.

Let’s Work Together

Without wasting a moment even migrate to PressTemple and have the best possible security for your digital property and identity. It will very enthusiastic to serve you and welcome in the PressTemple’s WordPress family. You’ll love to be here with us, with the strongest sense of security.

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